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Why Thermal Oxidation is Crucial to the Midstream Oil and Gas Industry

The midstream oil and gas industry is an essential component of the global economy. From transportation to heating and electricity generation, oil and gas are used in almost every aspect of modern life. However, the production and transportation of these natural resources are not without ...

Meet Trena, a PM at THM

Tulsa Heaters Midstream values the exceptional individuals who make up our small company. Our dedicated team, who serve our customers with excellence, are the very essence of THM's existence.

Joining Doyle in this week's episode of Donuts with Doyle is Trena, the well-deserved recipient ...

Temperature Calculations

Designing efficient and reliable midstream heaters is a crucial aspect of the oil and gas industry. In this week's episode of Donuts with Doyle, you'll learn valuable insights into calculating temperatures and creating optimal systems for midstream heating needs.

A Favorite Summer Memory

Most of the topics covered in Donuts with Doyle revolve around technical subjects. However, viewers are also treated to occasional glimpses into Doyle's personal life beyond his role at Tulsa Heaters Midstream.

Midstream Market Update

From time to time, Donuts with Doyle features a midstream market update. It was time again to get Doyle's insight as to what is currently happening in the industry. Watch our latest episode of Donuts with Doyle as he covers prices, demand and supply. Learn how this summer's temperatures may ...

What's That?

Did you know that right in the hallway of our offices in Tulsa, Oklahoma, there is a replica of a THM Heater System?

Join us for an exciting new episode of Donuts with Doyle, where Doyle will be your guide on an exclusive tour of this unique part of our office. Delve into the inner ...

Rising to the Challenge

In our industry, every company encounters difficult challenges. When Tulsa Heaters Midstream is put to the test, we strive to demonstrate our reliability.

During these moments, we rise to the challenge and hold ourselves to a higher standard, remaining steadfast in our company ...

Retirement Update from Doyle Bishop

Doyle Bishop retired in January 2023 from his role as President and transitioned into a new role at Tulsa Heaters Midstream.

Wondering how his semi-retirement journey is going? Well, you're in luck because Doyle himself answers that question and provides some insight into this chapter of ...

Heater School Returns

Tulsa Heater Midstream's Heater School is set for May 17-18, 2023.

Our Heater School is a unique opportunity that provides an immersive, hands-on experience, where participants can learn about our heater systems and common operational concerns.  We believe THM Heater School ...

Donuts with Doyle is Back

Check our latest videos with the founder of Tulsa Heaters Midstream, Doyle Bishop. Recent episodes include: