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Fired Heater Emissions - A Case Study

We just got back from our annual trip to GPA Midstream Conference. This year it was in Austin, TX and it was a great event. Several very good presentations, a lot of networking opportunities, and yes, a little time for some fun.

In 2017, THM had the opportunity to present at the GPA Midstream Conference. The presentation focused on a couple of case studies on a project that was completed with Exterran, going into West Virginia. In the paper and presentation, we outline the heater technology and designs that allow THM to get ultra-low NOx emissions without the use of external flue gas re-circulation. We also shared field emissions numbers for review.

And since we had such a good time, and we are in such a good mood, we thought that we would share the paper we made with everyone! Feel free to download and share with all of your friends and colleagues (it's that good!).

THM SHO750 Hot Oil Heater

GPA Midstream 2017 - Environmental Technical Forum - Tulsa Heaters Midstream-Exterran Convention Paper