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Looking Forward to the Month of February

February is “I love my company” month here at Tulsa Heaters Midstream.  Throughout the month we will be hearing from employees and customers of THM about why they like working for and with us.  This isn’t to make ourselves feel good (although let’s be honest, it’s nice to hear).  We want to bring these thoughts to you in a broader context and help you understand why THM is what it is.  Every week will feature a new blog post dedicated to one of the 4 core values of our company, including:

  • Core Value #1: A Servant’s Mindset
  • Core Value #2: Be On Time!
  • Core Value #3: Available and Responsive
  • Core Value #4: Run to the Problem


We’ll explore what these values mean to us and how they apply to our customers, vendors, and employees.  We hope that these give you a better sense of who we are and why we care so much.


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