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Meet Trena, a PM at THM

Tulsa Heaters Midstream values the exceptional individuals who make up our small company. Our dedicated team, who serve our customers with excellence, are the very essence of THM's existence.

Joining Doyle in this week's episode of Donuts with Doyle is Trena, the well-deserved recipient of our company's top award, Heart of a Servant Award. Doyle and Trena discuss her journey, her achievements and the reasons behind her deserving recognition from Tulsa Heaters Midstream.

To watch the interview, click below or continue reading to learn more about Trena.

Trena's journey with Tulsa Heaters Midstream started five years ago when she came to interview for a job in procurement. A local company recruited Trena to interview for the position. Doyle recalls Trena's response when he asked her why she wanted to leave her company. She answered, "Who said I wanted to leave my company." 

Doyle said that moment showed honesty and loyalty. He says he immediately switched from hiring mode to recruiting mode.

Trena recalls that the interview was the most relaxing interview she's ever had. 

"It felt like I was just talking to some friends and from that moment on I felt like that is where I needed to be," Trena said.

A few years ago, Trena was promoted to her current position as project manager.  She's in constant communication with customers and helps them with whatever need or question they have.

Her favorite thing about her job is sharing good news with her customers. She says the best news she can share is that the project is on time and that THM will meet their schedule.

Trena's least favorite part of the job is telling a customer there's been a delay. 

Congratulations, Trena! Thanks for being part of our team.