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Minimizing Fuel Costs in Oil and Gas Midstream Operations: Maximizing Heater Efficiency

The energy landscape is evolving, driving the oil and gas industry to strategize around efficiency and cost-saving measures. One of the key areas where this can be achieved is in the realm of midstream operations—particularly within the purview of heater efficiency. In this blog post, we'll ...

Understanding the Science of Burning Waste Gas in Fired Heaters

Burning waste gas in fired heaters is an integral process. Tapping into this practice provides a sustainable means to dispose of waste gases while simultaneously fueling the heaters, ultimately promoting energy efficiency and economic savings.

The Critical Role of Flame Detectors in Fired Heaters for Midstream Oil and Gas Operations

The fiery heart of many midstream oil and gas operations can be found in the fired heater—a crucial component used in the heating process of fluids. Ensuring the safe and efficient operation of these heaters is paramount, given their role in facilitating the movement and transformation of ...

2023 Heart of a Servant

The Heart of a Servant Award is an annual recognition given to a Tulsa Heaters Midstream employee who demonstrates a sincere dedication to selfless service and ...

Meet Eric

On our newest episode of Donuts with Doyle, Doyle Bishop interviews Eric Hall, Director of Operations at Tulsa Heaters Midstream. Eric shares stories from his military background and how it influenced his career. Take a look and enjoy meeting more of the team that keeps THM running.

New Year, New Forecast

Gain insights into the midstream sector of the oil and gas industry's business climate in 2024.

Whether you're an industry professional, investor, or interested in understanding energy market dynamics, this video provides essential forecasts and trends that can impact decision-making and ...

New Episodes for Tulsa Heaters Midstream

As we finish out the first month of the year, be sure to check out the latest episodes on Tulsa Heaters Midstream's YouTube Channel.

Overcoming Carbon Monoxide Emissions in Oil and Gas Heaters

In the oil and gas industry, energy management and efficiency is a top priority. When heaters become oversized and emit too much carbon monoxide, not only is it a safety hazard for your staff and community, but it can also result in negative environmental impacts.

Meet a THM Product Manager

Are you curious about the inner workings of Tulsa Heaters Midstream? Interested in the individuals who drive innovation in the oil and gas industry? Meet Brad Irwin, a product manager at Tulsa Heaters Midstream. With his extensive knowledge and experience, Brad is the go-to resource for all ...

Final 2023 Market Update with Doyle Bishop

Are you eager to uncover the latest developments in the oil and gas industry as 2023 concludes? Doyle Bishop, the founder of Tulsa Heaters Midstream, shares his invaluable industry insights and delivers a final market update. In this episode, he explores the present state of the oil and gas ...