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THM Web Wednesday - Feb. 10, 2016


Tulsa Heaters Midstream is focused on providing useful and informative content to our customers, suppliers, and anyone else that wants to follow along.  Each Wednesday, we will post links to interesting articles from around the web relating to the midstream oil and gas industry and more.  Posts could include articles that talk about one or more aspects of the industry, including:

  • State of oil and gas industry/pricing
  • Oil and gas companies and their businesses
  • Major news releases
  • Gas processing plants
  • Pipeline/infrastructure projects
  • Many others
We'll do our best to only provide links to free content (because we hate getting 1 paragraph into the article and being asked to pay to read the rest), and make specific note if we do otherwise.  We'll also provide some commentary, but will keep it to a minimum (for your sake!).


A couple of major themes around the web this week.  First, we started hearing preliminary earnings reports from several of the larger companies in the U.S.  Spoiler alert - they weren't pretty!  Along with the preliminary earnings, several of the companies are also giving or adjusting their 2016 expected spend (also didn't look great).

A few articles discussing earnings reports and spending projections:

This last week also saw some roller coaster trading around a couple of major midstream companies - Chesapeake Energy and Energy Transfer.  The collapse, or even potential collapse, of either of these companies could have major ramifications on the industry as a whole.  And these companies aren't the only ones struggling.

Another week, more articles touching on potential future for natural gas and oil:


Tune in next week (same bat time, same bat channel) to see what else we have dug up from across the web.

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