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Tulsa Heaters Midstream Core Value #2

We will be the most reachable and responsive supplier.


In last week’s post, we talked about our desire to be good servants to our customers, suppliers, and team members.  One way in which we live out that principle is by being available.  There is an old saying I’m sure most of you have heard – “showing up is half the battle.”  For us, we believe being available and reachable is half the battle.  We work to let everyone know that we are available on a continuous basis, nights and weekends included.  We know that your questions or problems don’t always happen during normal business hours.


"My questions always get answered quick and effortlessly. I appreciate their prompt responses.”

Procurement Specialist


If being available is half the battle, being responsive is the other half.  What good is getting a hold of someone if they can’t respond with help of some kind?  We see this play out in our everyday lives as well.  Think of the last time you had a plumbing issue, or HVAC problem, or roof leak at your house.  If you’re like me, you don’t have a “plumbing guy” (well, I do now) so you make some calls to friends and family to get recommendations.  One guy you call doesn’t answer.  The next answers, but says he can’t get by your house for a week.  The last guy answers, comes by a few hours later, and has an estimate for you the next day.  Assuming you weren’t completely creeped out by the last guy, who is most likely to get your work?  You might “price check” him by asking a few people if the estimate seems reasonable, but that’s about it.  Now multiply that situation by a couple of million dollars and you are trying to get your plant online! 


“I really appreciate all the information, all before the deadline I was trying to hit.  As a process engineer you don’t actually hit many deadlines, but I beat mine and THM was a BIG help with that effort.”

Process Engineer


In the web design world, “responsive” is a current buzz word.  In that space being responsive means that a website can automatically adapt to whatever device the person is using to view the page or site on, whether it is a computer, phone or tablet.  We view being responsive in a similar fashion.  Customers expect to be able to learn from us, communicate with us, and talk to us in a variety of different methods, and we want to be able to accommodate as many as we can.  So whether you are most comfortable communicating with us by phone, email, or even social media, we’re here and ready.

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